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ClaimVantage provides Life, Health, and Absence claims management software to employers, insurance carriers and Third Party Administrators (TPA’s).

Case Study: PDA Optimizes Reporting Capabilities With Integration

Multi-System Integration Optimizes Risk-Management Reporting Capabilities   “We were looking for an innovative solution and ClaimVantage had seamless implementation possibilities with competitive costs.”                       —Thom Charest , COO, Professional Disability Associates The Overview Professional Disability Associates (PDA), a Third Party Administrator (TPA) and Consulting Firm, needed a secure, easy to use automated claims software system  …Continue Reading

Case Study: Benesure Realizes Financial Control With Claims Automation

Automated Claims Processing Installation Realizes Financial Control & Adjudication Management Benefits “ClaimVantage took us from a manual system to an easier all-in-one platform that integrates existing document and workflow systems to maximize synergy.”                —Lorraine Shaw, Project Manager, Benesure Benesure wanted an automated cloud–based claims processing solution that would improve customer service, data tracking, and  …Continue Reading

Partner Case Study: Version1 and ClaimVantage Create Claims Solution for Irish Life

Combined ClaimVantage/Version1 Strength Automates Life Legacy Claims System “In working collaboratively with ClaimVantage, we’ve proven that delivering excellence in ICT projects like Irish Life can help companies become more competitive.”  —Donal McCarthy, Version 1 Director   “Our award-winning partnership with Version 1 demonstrates IT excellence and global reach.”   —Leo Corcoran , ClaimVantage CEO    …Continue Reading

Customer-Centric Tech

In Michael Cantwell’s September 10th article Look to Customer-Centric Tech to Bolster Retention, he emphasizes that insurers need to move toward customer-centric technology solutions to improve retention rates. Cantwell points out that while brand advertising is an effective customer acquisition investment, it’s not a retention answer. Cantwell sizes the USA new customer life insurance market  …Continue Reading

Cloud-based Platforms and Salesforce.com

Although the term ‘cloud’ can seem mystical and ambiguous, the cloud is actually quite simple. Anything stored in the cloud, such as data and software, is stored on massive server farms in other locations and not on a single computer’s hard drive. Functionally, this distinction between different storage locations means that anything ‘in the cloud’  …Continue Reading